Recognition from Ad Fed MN

Ad 2 Minnesota honored founder Peter Heidorn as one of the 2018 32 Under 32 winners at its yearly awards ceremony at Varsity Theater on May 17.

"This elite award, originating in 2013, recognizes 32 up-and-coming ad professionals in the Twin Cities, hailing incredible accomplishments and endeavors they gain at such a young age."
Peter & Bridget Heidorn. Photo credit: Lauren Engfer of  Pixova

Peter & Bridget Heidorn. Photo credit: Lauren Engfer of Pixova

"I am grateful to have been honored as one of the Ad 2 MN's #32under32 last night," said Heidorn. "I believe firmly in putting yourself in positions to showcase who you are, what you’re about, and what you’re capable of. That's how I got here. Show yourself to be someone who is consistent and is driven by purpose in what they do. There are always a lot of reasons not to do things. Start by saying yes to just one. Be passionate, use your talents in ways that improve those around you, and watch the sparks fly."

#32under32 nominees were asked to respond to the following question.

Q: What excites you the most about where the future of the marketing industry is going?

"I am eager to see brands flourishing that truly understand how to create personal experiences and narratives that people want to engage with. That is the challenge, after all. Everyone is getting busier and busier. Why should they devote their preciously valuable yet increasingly-shrinking attention spans to your brand content? Maybe it is a little sadistic to root for the failure of those who do not shift their mindset, but I want to encourage everyone to do their part to save advertising from itself and keep brands from polluting the internet with static. Let’s hope that content strategies − brands AND individuals − shift towards creating media that people actually care about. I am also excited to learn and explore how innovation will create new opportunities for native media placement. Creativity and technology, unite!"


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