#CurrentCraft // 01.08

Craft beer has been a passion of mine since 2014 when I was a part of the team that started LynLake Brewery in Uptown, MPLS.

It's turned into a key phase of my career, and while I'm not currently working with a craft beer client, I simply enjoy using it as a muse for photography & social media content.

So, #CurrentCraft will be a weekly feature of a beer that I'm currently enjoying.

Vienna Lager

Fair State Brewing Cooperative // Vienna Lager

Canned 01.04.18, Drank 01.08.18

5.3 ABV, 25 IBU

Thanks to my friends at Fair State Co-op for hooking me up with their latest canned beer, Vienna Lager. Per their usual standard, this one is a classic style done extremely well. The lines of color on the can might as well have been sip serving sizes because I crushed this in about 4 gulps. I especially love the soft pretzel maltiness. Light yet very flavorful, this is beer for drinkin’. And taking pictures of, because the amber #brewhue is purdy.