#CurrentCraft // 2.4

Modist Dungeon Juice


CROWLER'd 1.30, Drank 2.4

6.8 ABV.

Modist Brewing turned their Super Bowl 52 tickets into an opportunity to raise money for their employees’ favorite charities. All proceeds from the raffle − every single dollar − were donated to employee-chosen charities, including one of my favorites Save-A-Bull Rescue. (thank you, Angela Manley).

To kick off the benefit, Modist released drafts & CROWLERs of Dungeon Juice, another #haze bomb from the North Loop brewery. Following up the success of their had-to-be-a-publicity-stunt Dilly Dilly Double IPA, this one is creamy, tropical pineapple with very little, if any, bitterness. I've enjoyed this trend of dry-hopping local haze that Modist, Fair State Co-op, and BlackStack have been brewing recently.

Heibrid featured in Modist Instagram post