Heibrid & NearestYou Announce Partnership

Heibrid Marketing and NearestYou have announced a partnership to help craft breweries and beverage companies launch new, seasonal, and limited release products.

Beer and beverage makers know how much work it is to create impactful buzz when bringing a new product to market. It is even more work to motivate consumers to go out and make a purchase. Heibrid Marketing and NearestYou have designed a service package to increase brand awareness and drive traffic to the retailers that sell their products.

“Good marketing is nothing without utility. Lowering the bar of accessibility for your consumers is critical in getting your products in their hands without disruption" says Heibrid Founder Peter Heidorn. "NearestYou has been instrumental in supplying that utility to support the new release campaigns I’ve executed. Now we’re ready to make that framework available for the betterment of the #mnbeer community and beyond.”

Learn more about the service & partnership at heibridmarketing.com/mnbeer.


NearestYou is a Minnesota-based company that builds and manages store locators for food and beverage brand. NearestYou builds customized and embeddable maps to help consumers find products nearest to them. The company also updates the store locators and provides market insights via location-aware data reporting to inform marketing decisions efficiently.