The Static of Brand Messaging

Social media and brand content has been frustrating me lately. I am continuously scrolling through my feed asking "who on earth cares about this?" Besides the brand or business who shared it, of course.

Don’t do more, do differently. I have said it before: there is a high supply of noise, and a low amount of empathy when it comes to the digital space. I'd actually wish there to be less empathy in social to weed out the content that's just there for its own sake.

Good marketing and communications should seek to make people care. Who is it for? Why will they love it? How does it fit into their lives? Answering these questions takes time, but it will be completely worth it to ensure that your communication channels are doing what they are there for: delivering compelling messages of why your goods & services will bring value to your potential customers.

Those with flawed, lopsided brand communication tell you what you should be doing. Instead, communicators need to give consumers reasons WHY they should care. The competition for where people devote their time and attention has never been more challenging. Always ask: How does the content I am sharing help grow my brand? If it is not focusing on engaging the consumer with your value propositions − your WHY − do not bother. Seriously. Spend your time elsewhere, because everyone else will undoubtedly be.

Consider that social media is not necessarily the answer/be-all-end-all to solving sales & marketing objectives. Think: how can additional social media support can be beneficial? As a consumer, is this message helpful or relevant to me?

Create value for your customers by showcasing reasons why they should pay attention, not what you want them to do.