#FrontRow: Giselle Ugarte


Giselle is a multimedia personality, writer, and producer. She's driven by social media, relationships, and storytelling. Hear her every weekday 6-10 am on Mornings with Ben, Dana & Giselle on Go 96.3FM.

It’s been almost two years since Giselle Ugarte made a renewed commitment to being a Minnesotan. While it might not be the final destination, she's found that being back in Minneapolis has allowed her to be fulfilled in different ways. Particularly in her career, where she pitches ideas, promotes events, and works directly with artists and labels in addition to being an on-air personality.

She’s been able to find her own voice, as well. When you’re on the air 4 hours every weekday, it could be difficult to seamlessly slip in and out of a persona you undertake for entertainment. Giselle has found that the most natural way to do that is through just being her authentic self. 

"You can be real. Own who you are and appreciate the ups-and-downs of the journey especially the downs. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable. Perfection is annoying. Admit to yourself that you are who you are and own it."
"Failure is always a learning opportunity because you’ve experienced what didn’t work. Take pride in the fact that you showed up. Stop apologizing. Don’t overcompensate. Just shrug it off get back to work."

Her: @giselleugarte, #gottamove

Favorite Band at the moment: Judah & the LionBishop Briggs

Favorite Song at the moment: No Limit - G Eazy

Podcast/Audiobook recommendation: The Playbook podcast by David Meltzer

IG account worth following: @healthyisthenewskinny