Strategy Check: LynLake Brewery

We always correlate our impressions, engagements, and link clicks with delivering tangible business results — whatever they may be. In the case of LynLake Brewery, the goals are more people, staying longer, and enjoying more beer. It starts with an informed strategy and ends with analysis. Shake once and repeat the whole cycle — strategy, creation, execution, measurement.


Our 10-month partnership with LynLake Brewery has given us smart insight into what social media content resonates with their existing and target audiences. Social Media is a communication channel for those who are opting into what your brand has to say. Hopefully, it’s messaging that presents the value you supply.

LynLake is unique. No other brewery in town has a feature like their marquee, and thus this external media space is a substantial competitive advantage, acting essentially as a billboard. But it’s not just an opportunity to deliver a marketing message (new beer, live music, rooftop open, etc) − it begs to be interactive in encouraging social and user-generated content. We've learned that our bits incorporating pop & internet culture have been the most effective in skyrocketing the number of impressions, engagements, and link clicks to LynLake Brewery's owned mediums.

With the marquee a key part of our visual content mix, we have

increased their engagements by 76,474%

in relation to the previous ten months.


External marketing serves as an invitation to foot traffic (the curious who don't yet know what they want) to stop in right then and there or make a positive impression that will result in them making a visit to the Taproom soon. At point-of-sale, we reinforce continued brand messages with the beer menus, friendly beertenders, and other in-house marketing that connects the customer with a product they will enjoy.

Define your strategy. Invest in beautiful visual create. Optimize your delivery. Give it time, and your business will begin to see serious results.