Why Brand Content & Social Media Matter for Your Business

Brands fall short when they perceive that merely being in the conversation will deliver business results. They fall even shorter when they only use social media because they know they should. That is often paired with no expectations, business goals, or expertise in understanding how to use these communication channels. It’s a chore when it could, and should, be a powerful and potent sales tool.

You have an audience for a reason: your brand has at least one thing worth paying attention to that adds value to the lives of your customers. But unless you are delivering them reasons WHY you deserve their attention, your audience will opt out, unsubscribe, and unfollow. Social media and direct marketing nurture those who have already chosen to receive messages from your brand. Show why you are the solution to their problems.

Doing social media for the sake of doing it leads to noise. Digital static. That is when customers start ignoring or opting out of your communication. Again, this is an audience you’ve already captured! They’re halfway there to doing business with you!

If you’re going to do it, do it right. The competition for where people devote their time and attention has never been more challenging. Your brand is far too valuable to sacrifice any component of its digital reputation. There is far too much at stake, and far too much potential to be wielded.

Don’t put effort into something if

1. you aren’t good at it,

2. it isn’t producing results, and,

3. you’re sacrificing the loyalty you’ve already achieved with your biggest fans. 

Engage your audience and build friendship-level relationships through beautiful imagery, persuasive copy, timely messaging centered on the value that you add to your customers’ lives. Show them reasons WHY.

That's it. Nothing more. Nothing less.