Effective Event Marketing

Effective promotional marketing of events presents WHY your potential audience should attend—not telling them that they should.

A balance of promotional messages needs to be observed. Social media is not a catch-all solution for tepid ticket sales. Sure, it's the free method of communication you have control over, but if you've demonstrated the value of the experience, your social followers will be advocates, influencers, and recruiters for you.

Desperation is a stinky cologne. The more you inundate your potential audience with "COME TO OUR EVENT COME TO OUR EVENT COME TO OUR EVENT ITS GOING TO BE AWESOME!", the more likely they'll hit the not interested/unsubscribe/unfollow/opt-out/leave me alone buttons.

Start your planning process by:

  1. Identifying your potential audience.
  2. What value does your event have for the segments within that audience? What will prompt them to not just purchase a ticket, but inspire them to invite their friends to join them?
  3. Fulfill your promotional plan and content strategy with creative that support these reasons. Again, focus on the WHY, not what you want them to do.