What is a Live Event Activation?

We started doing this for brands at beer festivals, won a few awards, tried it out at other events and achieved similar results. You could say it’s a bit of a specialty.

We approach events the same way we do every project. Thorough planning with targeted strategies to generate maximum buzz and engagement, leveraging brands & attendees and executed with optimized creative content spread across all of your business' social media & digital channels.

Photography, video, live streaming, aerials—we don't mess around.


  • Engage and invite participation with those who are in attendance.
  • Cause FOMO for everyone who isn't there.
  • Create a library of brand content that can be used to promote the next event you host.

The production of high-level creative content is optimized to be shared on your brand's social media channels & with your event attendees immediately—not 12, 24, or 48 hours later.

No more low-res images, videos that won't move the needle, or (gulp) crowd-panning Boomerangs.  They will be where you find & engage your attendees - not the other way around - and turn participants into celebrators of your brand.

Within an hour of your event wrapping up, you will have a complete album of hi-res creative collateral focused on your event & branding, sent directly to you, your attendees, and vendors, featuring all of the memories worth sharing.

In-the-moment engagement // Celebrating memorable experiences // Creating long-lasting brand content and loyalty

Live Event experience

Brick x Mortar events & parties

Studio/E events & programs


Ad 2 MN's Women's Leadership Panel (Minneapolis, 2017)

AIGA MN's Design Camp (2017)

Fair State's Co-Optoberfest (2016, 2017)

Modern Times’ Festival of Dankness (San Diego, 2017)

All Pints North (Duluth, 2017)

The Beer Dabbler: Winter Carnival (St. Paul, 2017)

MPLS MadWomen: Female Pioneers

Little's Kick Ass Happy Hour feat. Dessa

Fair State’s Mixed Culture Festival (St. Paul, 2017)

Fair State’s Camp Fair State (Foley, MN, 2017)

Physical Culture (v)’s 2-year Anniversary Triathlon & Party (Edina, 2017)

MN Craft Brewer’s Guild’s Winterfest (Minneapolis, 2017)

MN Craft Brewer’s Guild’s Autumn Brew Review (Minneapolis, 2016)